Angel of Grief, Marianne Cedervall’s sixth book and by many readers very much longed for, in the series about friends Mirjam and Hervor, picks upp exactly where book five, Blackbird (2014), ended.

Mirjam and Hervor arrive by boat to a small beach at Torne River. Here, in a house in the forest a few miles from Hervor’s home village Kuivalihavaara, they will take it easy, pick berries, “reload” and get strong again. The latter applies aspecially to Mirjam, who has a hard time getting over the death of her beloved Calle.

However, they are not completely isolated. During forest walks and excursions to the village, they meet new acquaintances, ranging from two gay men from Stockholm to a tattoo artist, the village’s new hairdresser and a Sámi girl selling fish.

But everything doesn’t flow easily in the forest outside Kuivalihavaara. In an isolated cabin in the woods, they are met by tragic lives. In addition, the area is ravaged by fires, which become even worse by heavy winds. One single flight of spark can be enough to cause a disaster.

And the question is; are all fires really nature’s accidents?


App. 300 pages

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Sweden: Lind & Co

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