In Mullvald’s parish on Gotland, spring has arrived and Anki Karlsson enjoys life as a pensioner and horse owner. She is about to go on a long ride and her good friend Trygve tells her about a nice clergy in Smissarve where she can stay overnight. 

Tryggve himself is about to go abroad and when he is looking for his suitcase, he finds something that touches old memories. Its notes from one of his first cases as a police – a case that never was sold even though Tryggve put a lot of effort into it. He decides to spend part of his vacation to look at the case again. At the same time in Smissarve, Anki gets new acquaintances, among other things, she meets a journalist who is there to write a series of articles about the so-called “Women’s House”, a resting place for women run by the church in the 70’s.

When the journalist, and the curious Anki, start asking questions about the history of “The Women’s House” strong feelings are set free, not least among the church employees. Soon after, when  the journalist Ninni Engelhardt unexpectedly disappears, Anki has a new case to dig into. The disappearance of Ninni Engelhardt will turn out to be just the beginning of a series of nasty events.

295 pages


Denmark: Cicero
Finland: Otava
Germany: Piper
Norway: Pangolin forlag
Sweden: Lind & Co


”Delightful and leaned back, with a moderate amount of violence. A good contrast to the hardship and misery that we suffer from both reality and fiction.”
En samlares hjä / SWE

”Like in her previous books Marianne Cedervall delivers a sympathetic mix of feel good and detective novel where everyday life suddenly tumbles for the protagonist. She holds the reader in a firm grip until the threads are pulled together.”
DAST Magazine / SWE

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