It turns into a dramatic summer in the small village Kajpe Kviar on Gotland. Three men die with only a few weeks apart.

After each death two women meet in a small chapel and celebrate with champagne and sandwiches. It is Mirjam, a down to earth woman and a doctor who recently returned to her native island after many years away.

And it is her friend Hervor, a total opposite in personality. Encouraged and cheered on by Hervor, Mirjam has used her will-power and some other female list to avenge the three men that have all hurt her badly …

Swinebite is a warm and funny story about friendship and revenge which goes straight to your heart.

203 pages


Finland: Atena
Germany: Droemer Knaur
Norway: Pantagruel forlag
Sweden: Natur & Kultur


“A touching, warm and funny debute novel.”
MåBra / SWE

“Swinebite holds both excitement and an unexpected story, nice environments and interesting characters. Hervor, who is from the far north of Sweden and who doesn’t hesitate a strong drink now and then and uses a foul language, easily becomes a favorite. Marianne Cedervall promises more books about Mirjam and Hervor. Something to look forward to.”
SKTF-Tidningen / SWE

“It is a wonderful novel by the debutant Marianne Cedervall! It is both warm, smart and full of humor. And one just has to find out what happens to Mirjam!”
Året Runt / SWE

“Wonderfully macabre debute novel which inspires.”

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