The little village of Mullvalds is getting ready for a wedding – and a real traditional one at that! Farmer Bengt’s daughter is the one getting married and she is going to take over the farm. He is happy and excited. The future husband Fredrik has become like his own son. Bengt’s wife Titti has her doubts though, a forester for sure, but Fredrik knows nothing about keeping animals. Amanda’s close childhood friend Daniel would have been a much better match.

Both Anki and Tryggve are invited and will lend a helping hand at the wedding. The ceremony in the church of Mullvald’s is magnificent, but during the reception Anki can not help but notice that there is a bit of tension among some of the guests. And she can sense a bitter undertone in what is being said. In addition, she happens to witness something most unexpected.

When it’s time for the traditional showing of the bride and groom, where the happy couple is presented to the parish, only Amanda appears on top of the stairs. Fredrik does not show up, despite everbody calling for him. He is not anywhere to be found. The only sign of him is his blood-stained cravat that is found in the root cellar. It looks like Anki and Tryggve have got yet another strange case to solve.

310 pages


Denmark: Cicero
Finland: Otava
Sweden: Lind & Co


“Marianne Cedervall delivers an endearing mix of feel good and detective novel where everyday life suddenly tumbles for the protagonist. She holds the reader in a firm grip until the threads are pulled together.”
Dast Magazine / SWE

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