The villagers in the small village of Kuiyalihavaara prepare for a winter in peace and quiet, like always.

Hunting season is over and all the fall berries are picked and now it is time to go into winter lair. But then the opera singer Ralph and his boyfriend arrive with big plans for the old hotel. Suddenly winter seems to be anything but quiet, and Ralph realizes it is not that simple to be different in a village like Kuiyalihavaara.

Black Winter is a stand alone sequel on Marianne Cedervall’s debute novel Swinebite. In her very personal way Marianne Cedervall mixes dramatic death and dramatic thinking with warmth and humor.

215 pages


Finland: Atena
Germany: Droemer Knaur
Sweden: Natur & Kultur


“Cedervall writes stories that are rich, with everyday life and a bit of mystery and  without  main characters that  have to be alcoholic cops, it’s exciting and tricky anyway. Despite  – or perhaps because of – the main characters are two mildly eccentric women 50+.”
Bokhora / SWE

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