Soon to be Christmas in the Mullvalds parish. Anki and the granddaughter Maja are in full swing with the preparations for the family invasion from the mainland. Anki’s good friend Tryggve, on the other hand, is planning a quiet and comfortable Holiday weekend together with the rottweiler Putte.

Completely unannounced, Tomas and Nils show up, a couple that Anki and Tryggve got to know on a trip to Italy. The couple will be vacationing on Gotland over Christmas and Tomas has decided to solve the mystery of what happened to his great aunt Dagny, when she in the forties returned to Gotland after a life as a missionary in Africa.

However, everything does not pan out as planned, with Christmas baking, rolling meatballs and old letters from Africa. Maja has teenage problems that Anki has a hard time dealing with and the closer Tomas gets to the truth about his great aunt’s disappearance, the more tense the situation becomes with a for him unknown family in the parish. If the truth is revealed, that family is facing total collapse. To make matters worse, a heavy snowstorm rolls in over Gotland and cripples the entire island.

When Anki, as usual, acts before she thinks, the situation becomes really dangerous, and from the mainland there is no help to expect – all communications are cut off.


Denmark: Cicero
Sweden: Lind & Co


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