It is mid November and in Mullvalds on Gotland, the preparation for the annual truffle festival is in full swing. With the help of guides and lagotto dogs participants will get a chance to look for truffles in the wild and then enjoy the exclusive delicacy in six different dishes during an evening at the local restaurant.

Anki Karlsson has invited her three girlfriends from the mainland – Lena, Gunilla and Ingegerd – and together they will spend some lovely days with horseback riding, good food and, not the least, each other’s company. Tryggve Fridman also has visitors, his sister and brother in law and his friend.

The truffle safari becomes a success, but shortly after dinner, something horrific happens. One of the guests collapses and dies.

Tryggve is convinced this is not a death of natural causes, but rather a case of poisoning. Parallel with the police investigation, he starts one of his own, together with Anki. It turns out that several of the guests have motives, and strong feelings like revenge and greed are smoldering under the surface.

Leave the Past at Rest is a stand alone sequel to Marianne Cedervall’s crime series about Anki Karlsson and Tryggve Fridman.

301 pages


Denmark: Cicero
Estonia: Eesti Raamat
Finland: Otava
Germany: Piper
Norway: Pangolin forlag
Sweden: Lind & co

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