On a beautiful autumn day, the normally quiet and sleepy town of Klockarvik in Dalarna is shaken by an explosion and subsequent fire.

It is the old brewery, where the young couple Signe and Daniel have recently started a combined café and microbrewery, that is burning down. The building is destroyed, and Daniel perishes in the flames. Who could want to hurt the couple and their business so badly? And why is Signe trying to hide a letter?

Priest Samuel Williams and detective Maja-Sofia Rantatalo, who have finally got their lives together, must put their private lives aside and do everything they can to solve the crime before anyone else gets hurt.

350 pages


Germany: Dumont
Sweden: Lind & Co

“It’s fun to read her books. They have a quiet humour, a warm humanity, and a poetic shimmer that show that this is a fully fledged storyteller who knows how to tell a believable tale, à la Agatha Christie, or, as she herself point out, from the TV series about Father Brown. Our hope is, of course, that Marianne Cedervall has more to tell about Klockarvik’s residents. We want to know how it’s going for many of the secondary characters that we’ve come to know.”

Ragnhild Oxhagen, Ölandsblandet

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