New winds are blowing for Anki Karlsson on Gotland. Her friend and long-time comrade-in-arms Tryggve has grown tired of life as a widower and headed to the mainland to meet a lady he got in touch with through an ad. Anki watches the dog Putte for him and is busy planning a long-distance ride for a large group, but no matter how she tries to pretend that it doesn’t matter that Tryggve longs for female company, it still feels a bit difficult.

As soon as Tryggve and his new female friend are back and the long ride is underway, it becomes clear that some of the people in the group have a fond eye for each other, while others can barely stand each other. Everything comes to a head when one of the members is found dead on the beach one morning. Shortly afterwards, another person in the party disappears.

Anki and Tryggve have to put their private lives aside and begin their own investigation, but soon realize that they have to tread very carefully.

The question is whether all the participants in the long ride have been completely honest about who they are and where they come from. Is Tryggve’s new woman really who she claims to be? What happened to the man who disappeared? And who is the murderer?


Sweden: Lind & Co


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