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Comedy Queen

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Top Bro!

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Me on the Floor, Bleeding

Me on the Floor, Bleeding


A Hole in the Head

A Hole in the Head

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LAVA Prize 2014
August Prize 2010
Great Reader’s Prize 2010

Jenny Jägerfeld debuted as an author 2006 with A Hole in the Head. Her second book, the YA novel Me on the Floor, Bleeding won the August Price  2010 in the category children’s and teenager books .

Jenny Jägerfeld is a psychologist and has worked with children and teenagers in both public and private practice. She has also studied philosophy and sexology and worked as a writing teacher. She writes columns and is often a guest in radio and tv in discussions about teenagers.

Together with psychologist Jonas Mosskin she runs the seminar series “Psychologists reading books/Psychologists watching films in which they talk about and analyse books and films.

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Bibliography YA & children fiction

2018 – Comedy Queen (Comedy Queen), children novel (9-12)
2016 – Top Bro! (Brorsan är Kung!), children novel (9-12)
2013 – I’m Just So-o Easygoing (Jag är ju så jävla easy going), young adult novel
2010 – Me on the Floor, Bleeding (Här ligger jag och blöder), young adult novel
2006 – A Hole in the Head (Hål i huvudet), novel

Readers comments

“I love it. So unbelievably funny and insanely sad at the same time – and here I lie crying.”

“Buy it, read it, love it!”

“Yep, I loved it, and yep, I stretch read it.”

“It is black humor, ironic and at times quite funny, but that feeling of paralyzing grief, bland and misdirected anger is stronger.”

Me on the Floor, Bleeding is the best YA novel I have read in a long time.”


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