New crime series by Anna Jansson!

Five years ago, twenty-year-old Vera Bark ran away from her bachelorette party in a small village outside Örebro. Since then her father, Detective Inspector Kristoffer Bark, walks along Hjälmaren Lake mile after mile, in search of his daughter. Vera is assumed to have drowned, but the uncertainty disturbs him. Vera’s mother, and Kristoffers former wife, is about to fall into despair.

Three years after Vera’s disappearance, a young nurse goes missing from the same place. The investigation leads nowhere and is closed, but Kristoffer Bark re-opens it as a cold case. The missing woman resembles his daughter. Soon Bark realizes that there are more connections than he first imagined.

Daughter Missing is the first book in Anna Jansson’s new Kristoffer Bark series. It’s a story of a parent’s worst nightmare. It’s also a story about what can happen to a neglected child when reality has become unbearable, and about delusions with deadly consequences.

375 pages


Denmark: People’s Press
Estonia: Eesti Raamat
Finland: Gummerus
Germany: Blanvalet
Sweden: Norstedts


“The dialogues sparkle and I´m already looking forward to more temper tantrums by the afflicted police hero.”
M-Magasin / SWE

“Daughter Missing is an efficiently told Swedish police thriller with a mix of everyday humor, creeping excitement and relationship drama. […] Anna Jansson manages to keep the excitement alive to the end by presenting several potential perpetrators and it there is a ”Rosemary’s baby-feeling” before the surprising resolution develops.”

Daughter Missing is a well-composed crime novel all way through.”
Johannas Deckarhörna / SWE

“Suspenseful, engaging, and not at all predictable.”
Bims bokblogg / SWE

“It’s a thrilling, dark and sometimes even uncomfortable novel.”
Zellys bokhylla / SWE

“Suspenseful, sad and with a really good flow.”
Västmanländskans bokblogg / SWE

“Anna Jansson is a professional when it comes to building intrigues and characters. She quickly and efficiently sews together her gallery, her background, her story.”
BYKW blog / SWE

“It’s very thrilling and from time to time really frightening.”
Mias bokhylla / SWE

“A well written, dark and exciting thriller. This is a series I will continue to follow!”
Boklysten/ SWE

“Anna Jansson builds up a story that is unpredictable and with an ending I did not see coming. I suspected the wrong person throughout the book and so in hindsight I can see the clues she skillfully placed out. Daughter Missing is a good story, where the setting, the mood and the action are its strength.”
Olivias deckarhylla / SWE

“Brilliant, exciting & well written!”
Jennies boklista / SWE