Emil Wern lives in Visby. In his yard there is an old yellow market stand where he has his detective bureau. And Visby really needs a detective bureau, because it is full of suspicious people. Together with his little sister Linda and the pretty stupid dog Molly, Emil solves some really tricky mysteries.

Sometimes you just want to declare war on every younger sister and brother in the world, Emil and his friend Alva are all agreed on that. But when Alva’s brother Jonte suddenly disappears without a trace, it’s very hard to be angry. Emil, Alva and Linda directly take off to find Jonte somewhere in Visby. The only clue they have is that he got into a car. Where could he have gone? Emil Wern’s detective bureau needs to find out!

This is the eleventh book about eleven-year-old Emil Wern. Together with his little sister Linda and the quite stupid dog Molly, Emil solves one tricky case after the other. And he keeps busy, because Visby seems crowded with bad guys

78 pages


Finland: Gummerus
Norway: Cappelen Damm
Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren

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