Emil lives in Visby, just inside the ring wall. There is an old kiosk in the yard where he has his detective bureau. He gets help to solve all the tricky mysteries by his three classmates, his little sister Linda and the dog Molly. Sometimes even his mother, the police officer Maria Wern, has to step in.

Emil is sitting at the kitchen table wrestling with his homework when suddenly there is a deafening BANG! Then everything goes pitch dark. The power is out. Someone has sabotaged a nearby power station and the whole of Visby is now without electricity. Emil and his friends at the detective bureau immediately decide to take on the case. And when an anonymous person admits to the blast and threatens to attack more power stations if the police do not pay them a large sum of money, the saboteur must be found – and quickly!  


Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren


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