Emil Wern lives in Visby. In his yard there is an old yellow market kiosk where he has his detective bureau. Visby really needs a detective bureau, because it is full of suspicious people. Together with three classmates, his little sister Linda and the dog Molly, Emil solves some really tricky mysteries. Sometimes Emil’s mother, the police inspector Maria Wern, also has to step in.

It’s Christmas time on Gotland and soon it’s time for Christmas break for Emil and his friends. But before it starts, an extraordinary event will take place, namely the World Cup in gingerbread houses (which of course is more of a Visby Championship). All middle school children on the island can take part in the competition, and Emil, Ubbe, Alva and Socrates immediately start baking their contributions.

But when the competition entries are exhibited, one of the gingerbread houses has disappeared without a trace! The jury decides to postpone the competition for 24 hours and if the house is not in place by then, the competition will continue without it.

It becomes a thrilling battle against the clock for the detective bureau to figure out who the thief is …

96 pages


Norway: Cappelen Damm
Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren


“The language is elegant and has a drive, with felicitous humorous elements. The book’s illustrations and maps convey the same humanly warm humor that characterizes the text. […] A nicely designed book that offers easily accessible, reasonably dramatic, warm and Christmas-like reading.”

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