This is the tenth book about eleven-year-old Emil Wern. Together with his little sister Linda and the quite stupid dog Molly Emil solves one tricky case after the other. And he keeps busy, because Visby seems crowded with bad guys.

Christmas is coming up in the old yellow market stand in the Wern’s back yard. On Lucia Evening, the world famous artist Lady Gloria sings in Visby Cathedral. The tickets are sold out and everyone is eagerly waiting for the big star. But the scene is empty – just like the room where Lady Gloria should have changed before the concert. And the cashbox with all the ticket money is broken into and all that is left is a ransom note. Someone wants 10 000 SEK to tell where Lady Gloria is. Who has kidnapped her? Emil realizes that he has got a really difficult mystery to solve.

85 pages


Norway: Cappelen Damm
Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren

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