Jennifer works in home care in Visby. One day she disappears without a trace. It is Gertrud and her friends in the sewing club who discovers that Jennifer is gone and Gertrud, who suspects that Jennifer’s new boyfriend controls her, immediately becomes very worried.

Despite the snow and cold temperatures outside, Gertrud and her friends sets off to search for Jennifer. Gertrud soon discovers that Jennifer has received threatening text messages, and someone breaks into her apartment while Gertrud is there. Who is really behind Jennifer’s disappearance?

In Winter Star,  we once again meet the almost ninety-year-old Gertrud from Winter Heart. The police inspector Maria Wern investigates the case with the invaluable help of Gertrud and her friends from the sewing club.

2 hour, 1 episode


Finland: Gummerus
Sweden: Tiden/Norstedts

Film rights

Warner Brothers Nordic, Sweden


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