Child psychologist Amelie Muscat has fallen head over heels in love with Laura. They move in together without really knowing each other. One evening when Amelie looks after Laura’s three-year-old son, she makes a fatal mistake. And the boy disappears.

Maria Wern has lost her husband and is dealing with grief by burying herself in work. She takes on a case of a boy who has disappeared on the northern part of Gotland Island, in the middle of a snowstorm. It escalates into a series of shocking events where Maria Wern must find out how everything is connected, in the midst of her own private tragedy.

With Bad Dreams, it’s time to get ready for a new, thrilling reading experience from Anna Jansson. It is a story of betrayal and murder and of wanting to protect your loved ones, even if it means breaking the law and stop at nothing.

391 pages


Finland: Gummerus
Sweden: Norstedts

Film rights

Warner Brothers Nordic, Sweden


“I’m just amazed at how skillfully Anna Jansson’s conveyor belt produces yet another complex crime drama with human fates that touch.”
Bodil Juggas, Arbetarbladet

“Interesting characters who give the reader insight to issues in society […] the suspense is kept to the very end, not least because of the perpetrator’s complex psychology. Raiting: 4 of 5.”