Emil Wern lives in Visby. In his yard there is an old yellow market stand where he has his detective bureau. And Visby really needs a detective bureau, because it is full of suspicious people. Together with his little sister Linda and the pretty stupid dog Molly, Emil solves some really tricky mysteries.

In The Class Fund Emil’s school class start to collect money for a field trip. They sell lollipops, arrange discos and offer their services as cat- or dog keepers. They all work with collection money, and finally they have raised 2700 kronas! The problem is that someone is steeling right after the children have counted them …

Who can be so cruel? Yes, this sure is a case for detective Emil Wern to solve!

86 pages


Finland: Gummerus
Norway: Cappelen Damm
Poland: Publicat
Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren


“The set of characters is brilliant and filled with odd, memorable people. Mimmi Tollerup’s illustrations contribute to the reading experience. Anna Jansson’s book is warmly recommended for children eight and up.”

“An exciting story about Emil Wern in Visby.”
Dagbladet, Sundsvall / SWE

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