More suspicious things for Emil Wern to solve. Together with his little sister Linda and the quite stupid dog Molly Emil solves one tricky case after the other. And he keeps busy, because Visby seems crowded with bad guys.

School’s almost out for the year, and summer break is coming up. The birds twitter, the sun is shining, and the lilacs are in bloom. Emil’s class is talking about how they could collect money for the class fund. Rudolf comes up with the brilliant idea that they should arrange a lottery. They will sell lottery tickets on the market and on the last day of school they will draw the winners.

When the last day is has come, the Emil and his friends has gathered a lot of nice prizes for the winners. Among other things, one can win the world’s largest chocolate bar. But something weird is going on. After the draw, it turns out that Rudolf has almost all the winning tickets. Emil lacks evidence but is sure there is a case to be solved. It is time to gather the detective agency.

90 pages


Norway: Cappelen Damm
Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren


“The series about Emil Wern by Anna Jansson consists of fun and exciting puzzles for the beginner readers in the primary school age. Overall rating: 4”
Carola Forslund, BTJ / SWE

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