Oh, how Emil has longed for this day! His class is going to Gotska Sandön, the sandy island off the Gotland shore. They will go swimming on the white beaches, barbeque hot dogs and have a sleep over! But it won’t turn out quite as beautiful as Emil imagined

On the boat ride going there, it blows up to quite a storm and all the children get sea sick. And once they arrive, they have to drag their luggage to the other side of the island before they can go swimming. And as if that wasn’t enough, what cannot happen happens: the power goes out and all the food disappears. All of a sudden, the class’ trip of their dreams has turned into a nightmare. They are lucky Emil is used to solving mysteries!

This is the ninth book about eleven year old Emil Wern and his mysteries. In his yard, just inside the city wall, there is an old yellow market stand where he has set up his detective bureau. And Visby really needs a detective bureau, because it is full of suspicious people. Together with his little sister Linda and the pretty stupid dog Molly, Emil solves some really tricky mysteries.

74 pages


Finland: Gummerus
Norway: Cappelen Damm
Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren

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