Emil lives in Visby, just inside the ring wall. There is an old kiosk in the yard where he has his detective bureau. He gets help to solve all the tricky mysteries by his three classmates, his little sister Linda and the dog Molly. Sometimes even his mother, the police officer Maria Wern, has to step in.

Emil Wern and the Gotland mysteries is a collection volume with three Emil-adventures with a little extra of the Gotland feel.

The Knights’ Jousting takes place during the medieval week in Visby. There’s something mysterious going on at The Battle of the Knights, one of the games in the tournament. Every time the Knights are about to fight, something happens that causes the battle to be postponed. Who is the saboteur?

The Silver Treasure is about the world’s largest silver Viking treasure, the Spillingskatten, which can be found at Gotland’s Fornsal in Visby. Coins suddenly disappear from the treasure – without a trace. Who is to blame?

In Brother gone missing the baby brother of Emil’s friend Alva has gone missing.  Last time he was seen he went into a car – has he been kidnapped? Emil and the gang go out in the Visby crowd to search for him, and the clues lead them to the magical Lummelunda cave …

234 pages


Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren

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